Mind Form

May 16-30, 2020

        Ann Walsh
        Ashton S. Phillips
        Carolyn Forrester
        Colleen Harkins
        Ella Snow
        Gizem Oktay
        Katty Huertas
        Peishan Huang
        Sarabel Santos-Negrón
        Stephanie Garon
        Taraneh Mosadegh


May 1-15, 2020

        Ben Paljor Chatag
        Bingyi Liu
        Ian Miyamura
        Jaejoon Jang
        Lehna Huie
        Seungtack Lim       
        Sun Woo Jung
        Thiang Uk
        Tianran Qu
        Tinglan Huang
        Vian Nguyen
        YunKyoung Cho


Thiang Uk

MFA in the Hoffberger, 2021
︎ tuk@mica.edu
︎ thiangukart.com

My work explores theme of internal emotional world and capturing the compressed self of the presence. During my process, I focus on the perception of my environment, my body and experience of my emotional state in order to aim for a sort of revelation or conjuring of the art work. This is ventures through the allusion of human biomorphic shapes, landscape forms, and pure raw deluge of gestures and colors to form unexplainable masses.

The biomorphic forms are the embodiment of the ever shifting self and others emotional and spiritual bodies. Using the biomorphic forms, thick textures, and scale shifts are used to constant measuring of the ever shifting true self, my relationships to my environment, and the sensation of being alive.

Formally, like artists before me, I have the desire to explore the medium and painting history and push it in a new way. The surface of the paintings are intensely thick and built up as much as 1 inch in some area and just washy in others to explore the full potential of the medium. This give a physical sensation and reliability as a physical observer.

The Taste of Bitter Honey

Oil on Canvas
48 x 60 inches

Lust for life
Oil on Canvas
44x30 inches

Oil on Canvas
88 x 72 inches

Oil on Canvas
30 x 24 inches

Oil on Canvas
72 x 92 inches