Mind Form

May 16-30, 2020

        Ann Walsh
        Ashton S. Phillips
        Carolyn Forrester
        Colleen Harkins
        Ella Snow
        Gizem Oktay
        Katty Huertas
        Peishan Huang
        Sarabel Santos-Negrón
        Stephanie Garon
        Taraneh Mosadegh


May 1-15, 2020

        Ben Paljor Chatag
        Bingyi Liu
        Ian Miyamura
        Jaejoon Jang
        Lehna Huie
        Seungtack Lim       
        Sun Woo Jung
        Thiang Uk
        Tianran Qu
        Tinglan Huang
        Vian Nguyen
        YunKyoung Cho


Peishan Huang

MFA in the Mount Royal School of Art, 2021
︎ phuang01@mica.edu
︎ peishan-huang.com

Peishan Huang (b.1994, Yunnan, China) now works with images and sculptures. Many of her works are about artificial nature, human intervention, and space conceptualization. While constantly exploring the language of the image, she is trying to place the image in a three-dimensional space in a non-planar way and let them have a relationship.

Fountain, on-goingRusty iron, zip tie, plastic beads, plastic flower, copper wire, nylon thread21x15x26 inches

Woodsy substance, on-going
Wood, dried herb, air clay
33x15x17 inches