Mind Form

May 16-30, 2020

        Ann Walsh
        Ashton S. Phillips
        Carolyn Forrester
        Colleen Harkins
        Ella Snow
        Gizem Oktay
        Katty Huertas
        Peishan Huang
        Sarabel Santos-Negrón
        Stephanie Garon
        Taraneh Mosadegh


May 1-15, 2020

        Ben Paljor Chatag
        Bingyi Liu
        Ian Miyamura
        Jaejoon Jang
        Lehna Huie
        Seungtack Lim       
        Sun Woo Jung
        Thiang Uk
        Tianran Qu
        Tinglan Huang
        Vian Nguyen
        YunKyoung Cho


Bingyi Liu

MFA in the Photography & Electronic Media, 2020
︎ bliu01@mica.edu
︎ Youtube

The artist have been investigating ambiguity under the influence of taste expression. Exploring the relationship between taste memory and taste identity is the research direction of this work. This project is a two-channel video based on urban space, historical investigation, archival research, field research and live performance. The artist tries to construct a new context to explore the mobility of identity through the reintegration of Baltimore canton historical information and the capture of this particular space of the Chinese supermarket in Baltimore. What does urbanization and globalization taste like? Will tampered taste memory cause new identity problems? Regardless, new taste memories are fermenting. 

Indigestion, 2020 
4K Video