Mind Form

May 16-30, 2020

        Ann Walsh
        Ashton S. Phillips
        Carolyn Forrester
        Colleen Harkins
        Ella Snow
        Gizem Oktay
        Katty Huertas
        Peishan Huang
        Sarabel Santos-Negrón
        Stephanie Garon
        Taraneh Mosadegh


May 1-15, 2020

        Ben Paljor Chatag
        Bingyi Liu
        Ian Miyamura
        Jaejoon Jang
        Lehna Huie
        Seungtack Lim       
        Sun Woo Jung
        Thiang Uk
        Tianran Qu
        Tinglan Huang
        Vian Nguyen
        YunKyoung Cho


Ben Paljor Chatag

MFA in the Mount Royal School of Art, 2020
︎ bchatag@mica.edu
︎ benchatag.com

I was born in Lhasa Tibet, lived in India as a refugee and came to the United States at fifteen. I have studied traditional Tibetan Thangka painting and have a strong interest in Tibetan philosophy and international and human relations.

My practice reflects a merging of my Tibetan and Western influences and interests.

These paintings are part of my ongoing Spirit Series. Spirit is something in all of us. It is our own power to lift us up and transcend ordinary experiences.

Heal Me Up, 2016
Watercolor, with collage
30x22 inches

Odyssey of Life, 2018
Watercolor on Paper
44x30 inches

We Are One, 2018
Watercolor on Paper
20x28 inches

Glimpse, 2019
Watercolor on Paper
48x60 inches

The Enlightenment Five, 2019
Watercolor on Paper
49.5 x 36 inches